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Heritage Day- 24 September 2021

What every “coloured” person should know

“For the once proud “coloured” people they lost all their prime lands, businesses and wealth; and was forcefully removed like dogs off their lands leaving all the lands and valuables behind”

What Does Heritage Mean?
  • Something that is handed down from the past as a tradition.
  • It‟s the values; traditions, culture that was handed down by previous generations and it forms a sense of identity that makes us feel accepted and belong.

History is the story of who we are, where we come from and can potentially reveal where we headed. History gives us a clear picture of how the various aspects of society such as Businesses, Technology and governmental systems worked in the past; so we can understand how it works and how it has come to the way it is now.

Heritage is our History: History is the knowledge and the study of your past. It’s the story of the past that forms a collective memory.

One cannot fix the present if we do not know what happened in the past. If one don’t know what happened in the past we accept the present as it is. Thus the result of such ignorance will ultimately lead to a person or a country not knowing where it’s heading for the future.

Disclaimer: The Africa Restoration Alliance is aware of the sensitive information that the document contains. Our objective is to educate our voter and the people we aim to serve concerning our history and heritage in this country and province.

The Africa Restoration Alliance does not condone racism.
The Africa Restoration Alliance recognizes that South Africa is a democratic country and everyone has the right to vote, however as a voter an informed vote carries so much power. History has its tentacles in all people’s lives past, present and future. If we are to be truly free, we need to discuss the tough matters and the differences that exist so that we may get to a constructive resolution in putting the people and SA First.

The community you live in forms part of the infamous Western Cape we want to speak about what every “coloured” person should know about their heritage in the Western Cape.

Where Does the Term “coloured” come from?

  • Who Invented It & Why?
  • Why Are The Coloured Community The Poorest In The
    Western Cape?Who Is Responsible For Their Condition?

The Western Cape has a proud heritage with its various and traditional cultures. Home too many on the Cape Flats where predominantly “coloured” people live.
We have “coloured” people in brackets cause that was an identity ascribed by a corrupt political system and not the authentic identity. Our people of colour were proud of their history, livelihood and traditions until 1652 when the Dutch arrived with its Leader Jan van Riebeeck. His leadership exploited the sons and daughters of the soil, it was the beginning of poverty, struggles, slavery and many social ills that is now the „normal‟ for our people of colour living in the Western Cape and Cape Flats for the past 370 years.

The people of colour’s forefathers were first known as Khoi/San or the First Nation people in the Western Cape, owned all the land and all the wealth but the European/ Dutch people also known as „whites‟ came to capture our parents and their children‟s heritage through their vicious colonial tactics. A further 370 years later and the people of colour are still stripped of their First Nation Status & Heritage.

The History and Heritage that is and was taught in mainstream education about the Western Cape, was developed from a European perspective, from the Dutch and British Colonialist view.

As a result of this skewed history the people of colour’s identity and heritage is made up of a history of lies and deception so that the Europeans could claim land/wealth/jobs/our rights & destroy families.

The Heritage of First Nation People

What Does First Nation Mean?

  • First Nation means a group of people who were here first.
  • It‟s a racial or ethnic group who have legal rights before others.
  • They have the rights of first occupation of a territory or the first right to claim territory.
  • It means indigenous people who are not to be marginalised, nor face discrimination.
  • The afforded right to enjoy equality.

But this is not the Heritage of the First Nation people of the
Western Cape aka “coloured people” why is this so?

Who is the First Nation?

The Khoi/San people later referred to as coloured, why? (we will answer this). They were the first occupants in South Africa, it is not as Jan van Riebeeck described in his journals to the Europeans. Where he claims they arrived in Cape Town and discovered the Western Cape and later the Khoi/ San came to join him and the “white” colonialist invited them to share in their European culture- that is untrue, it is a propagated lie. This lie was fabricated so that the Europeans could lay claim to the Western Cape and oppress its people to obtain land.

What is Colonialism?
  1. A practice of a foreign nation who exercises political control over another country occupying it with settlers and exploiting it economically.
  2. It’s a practice of domination, where a foreign nation brings a first nation people under its control by force and uses violence to claim the land as its own and causes the settlers to live on that land.

Colonialism was then and still is now, a culture of violence that was used against our forefathers, the First Nation people aka “coloureds”.

The Dutch/Europeans or “whites” as they called themselves stole from the Khoi/ San people. They did this with deception and violence and stole the rights and land of the coloured people in their own country.

In the 1800’s The British colonialist did the same. In 1958 the group areas act under the National Party (Apartheid Government) came into effect and forcefully removed the people of colour’s forefathers from their properties/land/farms and businesses.

That is why up until today the people of colour residing in the Cape Flats are some of the poorest people in their own country and they suffer financially and can‟t afford to own their own houses, they live in makeshift housing as a result of the escalating housing crises that has never been resolved by our current political regime.

  • The History of the Western Cape doesn’t start in 1652 as reported by Jan van Riebeeck and the European/ Dutch colonialist made people to believe; the true History and Heritage started with the Khoi people in the Cape.
  • The Khoi residing in the Cape were well established Business People, they ran Table Bay Port (known as Cape Town and Waterfront today), the leader was Autshimao. Before Jan van Riebeeck and the Dutch/ European colonisers migrated to the Cape, history records that 50 years prior to their migration one of the outstanding leaders of the people of colour was Autshimao who was a trained portsman, an educated and skilled individual. Autshimao was well spoken in English and the Cape Khoi’s were well established in the business of fixing ships that would dock at Table Bay trading with these sailors.
  • By the time the Europeans migrated to the Cape in 1652 Autshimao and many of the Cape Khoi people were rich and wealthy due to their businesses and were owners of lands and their own property. The land they owned was the whole Western Cape areas such as Constantia/ Bishops Court/ Noordhoek/ Camps Bay/ Cape Town, Stellenbosch/ Paarl/ Franshoek and the whole of the West Coast up to the Orange River.
  • Jan van Riebeeck could not outsmart Autshimao, Jan started to envy him and developed an intense hatred towards him. Jan van Riebeeck wanted to have what Autshimao and the Cape Khoi had all to himself; which was to control the monopoly of the business and to cut out the Cape Khoi people. He wanted to control the water resources; service the ships and trade; this was big business in the 1600’s.

Jan van Riebeeck gave Autshimao a different name and called him “Herrie die Strandloper”, a strandloper was a person without a purpose who strolls along the beaches of the Cape looking for food and this was not true “Herrie” (real name Autshimao) was a wealthy businessman not a beggar- a Cape Khoi. There was never such a person “Herrie die Strandloper” it’s the biggest lie in the history of the Western Cape. Mainstream education presented this account of history to children in lower income areas in subjects such as History, in order for the next generation to believe that they are nothing and inferior in their own country of birth.

This lie of the history of the Khoi/ San people of colour was to contort and distort “coloured‟ people‟s true identity and heritage. Thus making sure that they never find out the truth of who the real and rightful leaders of the Western Cape are, and it was designed to disconnect them from their wealth. Jan van Riebeeck changed Autshimaos name to “Herrie” to give the European world the idea of who this man was and what the Cape Khoi (First Nation or “coloured” people) were all about. Jan van Riebeek recorded in his journals that “Herrie die Strandloper” he was a dirty, ignorant hustler (an aggressive man who is unethical in business practices).

Historians came and called the Khoi/San (“coloured‟ people) beast and uncivilised. European philosophers called the Khoi/San people their fathers and mothers noble savages. This was to destroy the heritage of the Khoi/San (“coloured” people’s) strong family life; they said about the “coloured” people “they are without social formation of no economic significance and not able to govern themselves”. Despite this strong oppression of the Khoi/ San people history revealed before the Colonialist came to the Cape;

  1. That the Khoi/ San were wealthy i.e. they had economic significance.
  2. They had their own identity.
  3. Had strong family bonds.
  4. Had strong government structures (they had federal command


So by the time the “European immigrants” arrived in the Cape the “coloureds‟ governed their own people and land with its resources. They had Chiefs, Headmans, Princess, Kings and Queens. Jan van Riebeeck’s plan was achieved through “white” colonialism, by deceiving the Cape Khoi people and imprisoning them, and to make servants and slaves out of them.

In 1658 Autshimao one of the great forefathers was imprisoned on Robben Island where he died. All his businesses, land and property were stolen illegally by the deception of colonialism. The greed of the European colonialist was the beginning of the destruction of the Cape Khoi aka “coloured” people in the Cape and Western Cape. Their once proud heritage of social ethics, family bonds and government was being interfered with and destroyed.

By 1660 the Cape Khoi lost all their land; wealth and farms to the Dutch/ European colonialist which was the plan from the very offset to see how they could work their way to become the owners of the lands of the Cape Khoi people. Today there is a saying among the “26” gang members who live on the Cape Flats “jy’s Hollands” meaning “ jy’s n skelm” ( you a thief) referring to the first Dutch/ European colonialist who stole the inheritance of the people of colour, and therefore they have become wealthy through deception and lies.

This was the beginning of the poverty and struggles for the people of the Western Cape and Cape flats. Colonial history crippled the heritage of the people of colour in the Western Cape and those who have travelled to other provinces and made homes across South Africa. They gave the world a false picture of the Cape Khoi people and the Cape.

Where Does The Word Coloured Come From?

In 1911 South Africa became a Republic. The British government made it a law and forced the term “coloured” upon the families of
the First Nation people who by then was Cape Khoi/ Korana/ Nama/ Griqua and San.

We must ask ourselves why? What was behind this cleverly crafted, masterminded crime against the people of colour in the Western Cape? When your identity and culture is changed and removed, automatically your First Nation status is removed i.e. You don’t belong; you have no proof you exist and therefore you have no claim to a land; no rights to its resources you are then forced to make a living; to feed your family and being treated as a slave in your own country and place of birth.

This was the beginning of racial discrimination to divide and rule, its intention was to wipe out the identity, culture and heritage of the First Nation People. In order to have a colonial government and thus disempowered and disenfranchised the “coloured” man. Disenfranchise means to deprive one of their rights to vote and taking away the person‟s rights and privileges.

What does ‘Coloured’ Mean?

Firstly it means a non-person, a nobody, a confused person, a non-existent entity.

In 1983 the late Marike De Klerk wife of F.W De Klerk former President of South Africa Apartheid Government said: “Traditionally coloured’s have no history of nationhood the definition of a coloured in the population register is of someone who is not black; and not Indian; in other words a non-person. He is not….not….not they left overs. They the people who were left over after the nations were sorted out. They are the rest”. In 1950 the National Party Government defined “coloured” people by law. The reason behind this was to create “The Group Areas Act”.

This was a crime against the “coloured” people and they were disempowered, that was the final nail in the coffin. For the once proud “coloured” people they lost all their prime lands, businesses and wealth; and was forcefully removed like dogs off their lands leaving all the lands and valuables behind. They were forced to live on the Cape Flats, which was the beginning of many social ills, such as drugs, gangsterism, alcoholism, poverty etc. It was a governmental system designed to finally prove to the European world that what its predecessors recorded is true and here is the evidence- the Cape Flats.

  • The Afrikaners own many farms which was the “coloured” people‟s inheritance they developed a “dop system” as payment. Its purpose was to make the “coloured” worker dependent on alcohol, so they won‟t leave the farms and their skills were used to work the land which only enriches the Afrikaner/Boer at the time.
  • The “dop system” in the Apartheid era was to ensure that black and coloured people don‟t threaten their economic success.
  • Some Afrikaners used alcohol as a weapon against the “coloured” community to empower one racial group over another, this was to preserve or to retain power for the favoured racial group, thought to be more elite under the apartheid regime.
    By 1978 the Apartheid NP Government promoted a new propaganda, a concept of a “black race” and “brown race”.
    The purpose was to install racial hatred between two groups and the strategy behind it was called divide and conquer.
    It was to try and win the coloured/brown people onto the white nationalist side. The white nationalist called the coloured people “Die Bruin Afrikaner” giving the coloured people a new identity meaning you not white enough to rule but you can have a little better privilege than the black.

The white nationalist apartheid government used this propaganda tactic to abuse the “coloured” people once again for their own political purpose and to extend their fortunes, this is why later in the S.A political arena “coloured” people would vote National Party.

Then came the Democratic Party (DP) and then Democratic Alliance (DA). The DA is the Grandson of the NP (National Party).
The NP is a product of 1652 Dutch Colonialism who changed everything for the First Nation people or “coloured” people an identity forced upon them to steal their wealth and right to govern their own Western Cape.

Today 370 years later from 1652 Dutch Colonialism to present Western Cape Government the Heritage of the people of colour has been misrepresented; taken advantage of and in many instances his heritage became European entertainment eg. “Kaapse Klopse”.

The person of colour has been used and abused from a proud Heritage of Khoi/San and owning business entities and governing his own province to lack of housing. People of colour in the Western Cape have been economically disadvantaged. Unemployment is so high in the Western Cape that some have no jobs or the lowest paid jobs under the Western Cape Government. The housing crises have escalated in the Western Cape, high amounts of backyard dwellers where once their fathers owned the land. The elderly and widows are thousand of rands in arrears on water and rates, and are refused relief by the respective municipalities. They increase the water and electricity tariffs of the widows and pensioners that live on R2000 social grants. We have matriculants who can’t get jobs and sweep roads for an income- how promising is such a future?

The Heritage of the “coloured” person is a painful Heritage under the current Western Cape Colonialist Government. Today the “coloured” people of the Western Cape are the poorest in their own land. They struggle to obtain their own houses and jobs while other outsiders enjoy the privilege and the benefits of their heritage all in the name of “Hou die Kaap Blou”.

The person of colour’s heritage is the saddest and most painful of all South African’s history from 1652 Dutch Colonialism to 1911 first Republic of SA Government (Divide & Rule). Followed by the Apartheid Nationalism (Divide & Conquer) until present Western Cape Government a product of 370 years of Colonialism (Divide & Steal)

Here we are today 24th September 2021, 370 years later and nothing has changed. The First Nation people the Khoi/ San who were labelled “coloured” are still being marginalized, victimised and discriminated against in their own country and land. They have no land, no wealth and no heritage.

When the global community hear the term “coloured” their minds were programmed and trained to think:

  • A Drunkard
  • School Drop out
  • Gangster/Skollie
  • A Prisoner
  • Irresponsible
  • Cannot be trusted

The present local government under the guise of “Hou Die Kaap Blou” cannot heal the Western Cape‟s distorted heritage because

their forefathers laid the foundations which were the cause of its problems. The National government cannot heal this country because they are not the First Nation people. The only people that can heal the Western Cape and South Africa is the Foundation People of the land, the Khoi/San people also known as the “coloured people”.

The “coloured” people’s Heritage – their right to rule and govern their own land will forever be a heritage of slavery, poverty, lack, suffering and abuse because of who they give their vote to. “Hou Die Kaap Blou” is a deceptively masterminded Colonial Strategy that sublimely means “Keep the person of colour poor” and keep on stealing their land; their wealth & their children‟s futures.
While they are divided and fighting among each other the colonial present day government in the Western Cape are enriching themselves.

What the person of colour must know about his/her vote is that whoever they vote for they transfer legally their rights, ownership, business contracts, their future and the future of their own children into the hands of what that party stand for.

  • Only when the “coloured people” decide to educate themselves politically and understand that:
  • Their vote is their strength
  • Their vote is their power in their own hands to a better quality
    of life
  • Their vote is their right to claim back their Heritage

A heritage for which there forefathers (Khoi/San) fought, bled and

died for, only then will they challenge this colonial system that

has left them and their children emotionally paralyzed and economically disadvantaged. As people of colour you make up 80% of the Western Cape population, an all knows majority wins the vote. You have the ability to overthrow the current colonist system that still exists and disadvantages majority. We cannot erase what has happened but we can end privilege and lifestyles that benefit only the minority, which they have enjoyed for decades on the expense of the “coloured” vote.

Only when the “coloured” people decide to vote for a political party that fights for the narrative of the First Nation People, the “coloured” people can then reclaim the Heritage of their once proud forefathers. The true owners of all the wealth and land and the true governmental rulers of the Western Cape, this is the true Heritage of the Western Cape’s person of colour.

The Africa Restoration Alliance recognized that the term black, white and coloured was created by a man to destroy the building of a Nation. The Africa Restoration Alliance recognizes that racism was a perfect tool to use in order to enrich a minority. Some families used it to enrich themselves and to strengthen themselves economically and obtain governmental positions.

The Africa Restoration Alliance believes that the so called coloured man, the white and black is needed as ethnic groups to work together in order to build a strong Western Cape and South Africa.

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