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Our Emblem

The emblem depicts the strength of our nation and the pride of its people which has been stripped away by its current political authorities and ARA aims to reinstate this. This is why you see the lion in the map of Africa, we believe this not just to be a robust party in South Africa but it will overflow to its borders. The emblem is a strong character of the lion itself.


The color cerise represents the blood shed of every innocent person and plight of every citizen that has been affected by violence and corruption. It represents every child that has been denied free access to education, every person that has been the victim of discrimination because of their skin, religion, language, gender and economic status. It is really to restore every aspect; it is a restorative party to restore.

  1. The access to superior healthcare and service delivery

2. Lower electricity bills

3.Taxi protection program

4. 50 000 – 150 000 new jobs per province per year.

what makes us different

1. We are business men & Women
2. Heavily invested in communities
3. We keep our word
4. We are not politicians
5. Our ideologies are practical


1. South Africa First
2. A Radical Restorative process of this country
3. A “wealth city concept”
4. Free Market -Capitalist
5. Every Family a House
6. Limit import and exports
7. De-Nounce liberal radicalism
8. National Bank
9. Restore Patriotism
10. Protect Khoi/Farmers/Jobs

Fastest growing party

ARA is currently the fastest growing political party around. Our base has grown to almost every province through the country. Our membership has grown by more than 150% per month and continues to do so..

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