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ARA: Pre -Launch 2020

On Tuesday, 15 December 2020, we held our official ARA pre-launch.

This is a pre-launch to all those who want to know more about ARA and also those who are part of ARA and all who is part of our constituency” Dr Swartz said as an opening statement.


ARA stands for the Africa Restoration Alliance

This party is born out of the need of the issues, the corruption, the incompleteness in our country and in our political world. We would not have been here if our country was not in a place it should have been.


On Thursday, 17 December 2020, we will be having our first official ARA Launch.


This is a pre-launch to all those who want to know more about ARA and also those who are part of ARA and all who is part of our constituency.


ARA Team

Sakhi – ARA media spokesperson

Cheslyn – ARA national youth leader

Meklaas –

Nicole –  

Marion –



Sakhi will be doing all the public speaking and will be talking on behalf of ARA.

Sakhi, “We are excited to be part of this vigorous party, we are excited for this movement. I greet you all as I give back to Dr Swartz.”



The youth side of ARA is just exploding. In Cape Town alone we have 72 youth groups that is already functional in the short period of time

Cheslyn, “Good evening all viewers, the time has come now for a restorative process for our land and just to the youth listen to this broadcast, it will be awesome, and our time has come now.” 



Meklaas, Nicole and Marion will be taking on questions and will be interacting with the viewers on what we are doing and what ARA stands for.



ARA is the Africa Restoration Alliance, it’s a very robust party, it’s a party that is radical for change and we are very robust in this approach and so you can see ARA emerging through quite a number of communities already.



The exciting part of this is that ARA is National Party and we have got presence already in most of the provinces in South Africa already and it is growing phenomenally, it is very shocking, even in Cape Town we got something like about out of the 400 wards we close to occupying 100% of them already, so its growing quite fast.


From the youth side, Cheslyn, “Doc what I can mention is that ARA is a vacuum for the youth for South Africa, the youth in Cape Town we are 72 youth groups/wards filled already and nationally we are close to 150.”



Dr Swartz

On our ARA Emblem we have the cerise colors, we will be talking about that. Today is a pre-launch, so we will be talking more about our policies, non-negotiables, 12 pillars, local government elections – 2021 is the local government elections so we will be concentrating a lot on the local issues in our municipalities. Out of the 287 communities we are as a growing party looking forward to take all 287 municipalities.


We are a very robust party, meaning we tackle issues, we don’t make promises we keep our word and what makes us different is that we are businessmen so we know what it is to work, to apply ourselves and we know what it is to build.



We run so many organizations. We’ve got in Covid alone we’ve been feeding through our organizations that we are running. We are using our own funds, resources to mitigate the issues of Covid. We are ready to govern and most important we have been involved in politics one way or the other and the time has come, there is a need for us to bring change and hope in South Africa.


Dr Swartz

They’ve trained me quite well tonight because I want to say a lot of things, a lot of political issues and a lot of agendas, I want to talk about land, equitable land, land expropriation, I want to talk about a number of things.


The emblem depicts strength of a nation and the pride of its people which has been stripped away from its current political authorities and ARA aims to reinstate this, so it’s the strength of the nation, this is why you see the lion in the map of Africa, we believe this not just to be a robust party in South Africa but it will overflow to its borders. The emblem is a strong character of the lion itself.


The color cerise represents the blood shed of every innocent person and plight of every citizen that has been affected by violence and corruption. It represents every child that has been denied free access to education, every person that has been the victim to crimination because of their skin, religion, language, gender and economic status. It is really to restore every aspect; it is a restorative party to restore.


When we say restore I mean if you look pre-1870 or pre-1857s when they found the first diamond in Kimberley, the wealth of this country was stolen/taken by the De Beers, they took the gold and diamonds of this country and built the economies and banks of the world to gain favor internationally although he died very young, that’s part of the restorative process because if you look at this process imagine all that gold and diamonds was kept into this country, from 1820 to 2020, just for a 100 years that had to be kept in, can you imagine the wealth and state that this country would be in? Imagine we just done it for 20 years? Imagine we just done that since 1994? And we allowed no gold and diamonds to be shipped out and the wealth will be brought back into the country, so this is a restorative process and from that gains the wealth concept or city of South Africa, how South Africa can become a wealth country again. There are many roads to do this, not just by fighting and mediation but by wise application we can make this happen.

As ARA we are on the ground, we do feel for every person, through our organization we are feeding 15000 families with different organizations, but what makes us different is that we are not politicians – we are not trained to lie. The circus that is taking place in parliament and the comical issues that are taking place in the midst of municipalities is really funny it is a joke – when the world looks at us it’s like a free paid ad.



We are a laughing stock and some matters can be easily addressed, we’ve got so much budget, over the years in towns where I come from in Eastern Cape, the township I used to stay in used to be called Transkei, its puzzling, Transkei areas was better off in the apartheid era than this time because there were more agricultural programs at the time after 1994 people lost jobs. I was in PE I was on the delegation just recently that went to PE just in the mid of covid, we keep our word, imagine we promise people to come to PE and we learn there was a pandemic but we had to go because we keep our word, we promise in PE that we will bring change in the Nelson Mandela Bay, but in all those regions they have closed out factories that used to manufacture and create jobs in a landslide, that is what ARA is bringing, the restorative process, means whatever was there prosperous we can make it much better.


Dr Swartz

The ANC won the Eastern Cape but the Eastern Cape seems to be worse off, its healthcare, roads, potholes that are so big a car can fall into it.

Our country is a 2XL in bankruptcy, we didn’t drop once, we dropped twice into bankruptcy, so we are a 2XL in bankruptcy.


To every province we are going to be doing a launch like this to deal with the issues in that province.


This is part of the local government elections so we going to deal with this next year. We will deal with national issues here and there, we know that 500 000 billion was taken from different coffers, this is a national issue, there are local government issues that we need to deal with and these are the basic fundamental points, if we cannot get this right, we cannot sort out the municipalities, our communities will be in a mess because the structure is not right.